What we do

The goal of AAL House is to serve

as a training laboratory

As a training laboratory for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in Ambient Assisted Living technologies and Cyberphysical systems.

Training can also take place for professionals that need to acquire skills in home and building automation technologies like KNX.
Embedded System Design and Applications Laboratory  , is a KNX Scientific Partner   and its members have been trained in latest KNX technologies.

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as an exhibition area

As an exhibition area for school students and undergraduate/postgraduate students from European Universities and Technological Institutes, in an attempt to become familiar with technologies related to Internet-of-Things.

Especially for high-school students, apart from the on-site visits, it is possible to connect to AAL House facilities via CISCO WexEx conferencing facilities. This is also supported by Panhellenic School Network   through which school students, during their informatics course, can explore online the technological capabilities of AAL House.

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